As Shahrukh very aptly puts while
convincing Biji in DDLJ “Zindagi ki raah mein humko humesha do raste milenge, ek sahi, ek galat” which roughly
translates to “In life you will always get two options, one wrong & one RIGHT”.

Like Shahrukh, we also always take the RIGHT route, no matter how difficult it seems at first, but in the end, it is RIGHT for the Brand. Throwing all the
advertising jargons away, we focus on

And give the RIGHT solution to our brands. Hence, once you get associated with us, then AAGEY SE सब RIGHT ही होगा .

We are in our teens: young & rebellious, fierce & loyal, open-minded & creative. What otherwise would explain why we started out of a tier-2 town instead of a Mumbai or a Delhi. Abhay, our founder, thought it is better to create a market where there is no existence of one.

Therefore, here we are, creating a thriving Advertising Industry in the city of
diamonds. Our love for our work made it easier for us to spread this wave of change.

Oh! Btw, we started off in 2012.

Do we have a plan?

Yes and No.
We believe in climbing up the ladder of ‘Ideas’.

Every idea leads us to another & when it clicks, it not only opens a door but
thousands of windows for us.

Our passion has led us to work with
clients like Olx, Viacom18, Birla & Midday.

अंदर Ki Baat..


We like to do things differently,
quite literally.

We don’t have a traditional office with an enclosed surrounding. Instead, we have a bungalow which we like to call as Our ASR House – not showing off but we do have an open terrace, game zone, greens and a bag to punch the stress away.

You sit in any cosy corner of the house with chai or coffee and Ideas just keep following. When we are not working we are chilling with endless activities.

After all, good work is an outcome of good chill!
Oh, and the vibe – Our workspace gives us one.



  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Brand positioning (Brand launch, Brand Revamp, Brand Extension)
  • Brand Audit (Market Research, Brand Health Study)


  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Logo manual
  • Brand manual
  • Stationery design
  • Uniform design
  • Merchandise design


  • Print Campaign
  • Marketing collaterals
  • OOH
  • Corporate communication


  • Work place interiors
  • Installations – Static and Interactive
  • Signage


  • Radio scripts
  • Corporate films
  • Product & Service films



  • Social media


Abhay Mehta

“I can Talk Ads, I can walk ads, I can Laugh ads because Ads are a very Funny business.” With his patience, coolness and eye for the right talent, he has won all our hearts. 

Shahtaj Khan

She can hustle 100 things together, provided that there is no lizard in the room.

Jenish Gandhi

A person who has got all the calm and chill within him. The genie of ASR who listens to all our wishes and fulfils them undoubtedly.

Suman Datta

The fuel to his powerhouse of creative ideas and quirky design is a quick nap anytime & anywhere. But what we love the most is his wordplay, trust us he is unbeatable at it.

Dharmesh Parmar

Apart from working over nights and still smiling, he adds garlic sauce to every dish.

Abhishek Gandhi

You might think that his true love is making beautiful videos but wait till you hear him talk about his pet birds.

Shayar Gandhi

He talks, walks and understands only 2 languages: films & politics. He is your go-to guy for any conversation in any mood at any time.

Parth Savaliya

Dil mein aata hai par samaj mein nahi! His hidden skills are something that surprise us undoubtedly.

Hitesh Rajput

He is someone who can bring you a burger even in a forest. You will never hear a “No” from him.

Aloki Shah

The Firangi Fashionista who never stops talking about her travel diaries. She is the go-to person for any Netflix recommendations and dealing with client requirements ofcourse!

Karan Jhaveri

The guy behind creative ideas, campaigns, and some bad taste in humor. He loves Chelsea so much that he thinks he can be a successful Chelsea striker in the parallel universe!

Priyal Bhatia 

She writes with the help of art, empathy and coffee – every day! Every copy finds it’s way to her.
P.S This has been “proof-read” too.

Imran Dayma

The only time he says no to anything is when you offer him tasty but junk food to eat.

Harsh Gandhi 

Do you know what’s faster than the speed of light? His speed of making the creative

Chirag Mewada

He gets kicks from his clicks! His intensity reflects in his work.

Harsha Khunt

We bet you will not come across someone as Shussshhh-hil as her. She doesn’t like to speak much but lets her work do all the talking with a smile like cherry on the cake.