Our favourite client actually keeps us on our toes & we absolutely love that adrenaline rush! (of course, we are sporty like that). Gamezy is a fantasy sports platform where users can experience the kick on their smartphones.

Sure, ‘Fantasy Cricket is the New Cool’ but how is our client different from the others? Well, that’s where the ‘Phusuk Wanghdu’ in us speaks up! 

So, while working on a 360-degree campaign for them, we positioned the brand as a unique app created for fantasy users where they can explore Smart Features & Contests to eliminate the boredom of playing usual fantasy games. After brainstorming to bits, we officially made a transition from ‘Play Smart’ to ‘Naye Zamaane ka Fantasy Cricket’ with KL Rahul as the perfect face of this Klassy Move!

Our campaigns run all over the digital platforms along with Radio-TV to Hit It Off-Field!