Gamezy, being one of our favourite works, is a fantasy cricket platform. While building a brand positioning for them, we thought of the brand as someone who is fun and a problem solver, basically a ‘Phunsukh wangdu’ from the movie ‘3 Idiots’.

We were constantly working on creating communication for them during the ongoing tournaments and series. Our campaigns ran across all mediums digitally.


Gamezy was launched during the IPL and hence we decided to take the users through our platform with fun TVCs. The characters personified gamezy’s personality to explain our platform in the wittiest way possible. The TVCs highlighted the features that were unique to gamezy.



World Cup

There is no season like the world cup season. The world cup campaign creatives were hence kept colloquial and relatable to keep up with the Indian spirit and josh.

Khel ki koi Bhasha nahi hoti!

Gamezy is the first one to introduce 8 vernacular languages on their app. To communicate that in gamezy style, ‘khel ki koi bhasha nahi hoti’ campaign was born. It literally said, Sports has no language’ i.e don’t let the language restrict you in playing fantasy cricket on the platform The campaign ran on all digital mediums.


Test mein twist

Gamezy constantly workes on bringing new variations to fantasy cricket. One such is for test match format, where the player could choose to play in any of the 4 innings. To communicate the same, ‘Test mein twist’ was ideated.