Mid day is a tabloid based in Mumbai. Due to competition from other dailies like Mumbai mirror, our objective was to give Mid day a unique personality and positioning.
Through our research, we found out that people consider tabloid a light read. It is crisp and gives a better view of the city. It has its own stand and is not to replace the newspaper. We decided to position Mid day, exclusive to Mumbai. You haven’t truly seen Mumbai if you haven’t seen it through
Mid day. We depicted these through imagery which conveyed true Mumbai vibe, a part of Mumbai which is not conveyed in other newspapers.

Mid day: For their 35th anniversary issue. For their 35th anniversary, we decided to pay homage to the 35 talents, monuments and events that happened in the last 35 years of mid day. The campaign was aimed to target advertisers, readers and non-readers by using different platforms for each. Every creative and strategy was in line with the communication of being Mumbai’s newspaper.