SwapnaSrushti is a 1 and 2 BHK residential project launched in 2009. They had 100 flats ready for possession and by 2017 there were still 30% of unsold flats remaining. That’s where we stepped in to mainly create aware- ness, interest and eventually ignite the desire in the audience to get them to take action on these 30% flats. In order to strategize our campaign effective- ly, we carried out research showing the journey of customers while buying a house. By finding out different types of people who buy the house, we deter- mined various behaviors of people while looking for a house. Focusing on those factors we created a parallel brand communication journey.
According to our customer journey, the first phase of awareness majorly in- volved print media with a catchline “Ab waqt aa gaya hai” creating an urge to know more about the project. Our second Phase which said “Ab Sapne Honge Pure” gave out a feel of generating attraction and interest. Our clo- sure phase involved aggressive marketing strategies which said “Ab nahi toh kab.” These three series of catch lines and strategically distributed mediums for marketing were our main sources of pulling everyone’s attention and inter- est. Considering that buying a house is a long process, we were able to sell 70 flats Within 4 months of campaigning along with generating the number of walk-ins which was four times more than the previous quarter.